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The Star Alliance Lounge at the Los Angeles International Airport (“LAX”) is a great example on what an airport travel lounge should be like. On a recent family vacation traveling from Bangkok on our way to Austin Texas (“AUS”) we flew through Tokyo Narita International Airport (“NRT”) in Japan with a long layover at LAX. Because we were flying Business / First internationally on United, we had access to the United Club Lounge. Now if you have ever experienced the United Club at LAX in Terminal 7 you will understand why we would recommend just skipping it. We choose to visit the Star Alliance Lounge instead.


If you are flying Business / First Class internationally, have membership to other airlines, or have status on the various airline alliances programs you may have options and availability to enter and enjoy other airport lounges. Because we were traveling on United and ANA which both are a Star Alliance Partner we took advantage of the State Alliance Lounge located in the Tom Bradley International Terminal on the sixth floor overlooking the atrium. The Star Alliance Lounge gives access to their lounges to Business / First Class passengers of any Star Alliance Partner airlines, as well as Star Alliance Gold Members.

Star Alliance Lounge Patio, LAX

The Star Alliance Lounge is by far the nicest lounge at LAX. If you are not flying in and out of the Tom Bradley Terminal, it can be rather difficult and/or time consuming to get to from other terminals. Unfortunately, LAX is not the most convenient airport to get around from terminal to terminal. Previously you would have to exit the terminal and re-enter through security to get access to another. Now you can walk, although it is a long walk, all the way from Terminal 8 to the Tom Bradley terminal through a very long chain of underground walkways. One would think that they would have some efficient shuttle service or tram that would make it convenient for connecting travels to get from terminal to terminal but unfortunately it just doesn’t exist at LAX. Walking is your best bet and can take from 30 to 45 minutes from terminal 8 to the Tom Bradley. If you decide to exit security to walk outside or catch a bus be sure to give yourself extra time to re-enter through TSA security. If you transferring from terminals 6 through 8 and have more than 2 hours of time and meet the entrance criteria, then it may be worth the journey to visit the Star Alliance Lounge.

The Star Alliance Lounge at LAX is a great example of what an airport travel lounge should be like. Click To Tweet

As a frequent airline traveler, especially on international flights, I have grown to truly appreciate the use of the airport lounges hosted by several of the major airlines or their alliance partners. I frequent American Airlines’ “Admirals Club” lounges, as well as United Airlines “United Club” lounges depending on which airport terminal I find myself in. I also take advantage of Amex Centurion, Priority Pass, and Star Alliance lounges in many major airports and other international locations. Some are definitely better than others and no two are the same. I’ve been in some really nice lounges at one airport, just to be disappointed in the same lounge brand in another airport. Be sure to see our other lounge and other travel reviews here.


During a layover or a delay, it’s really nice to have a place where you can go without all the busyness and noise of a crowded terminal. There is a sense of relaxation when you have a nice comfortable chair to sit in, high speed Wi-Fi, free drinks, free food, magazines and newspapers to read. Don’t forget how it is the nice to have a clean restroom too! For family travel many lounges also tote a kids’ room or a play area. Business travelers typically have access to a room with printers, copiers, and fax machines, etc. The best part of taking advantage of an airport member lounge is it just gives you that VIP feel and experience. Another nice perk that many forget about is the concierge service available to you when you have access to an airport member’s lounge. The concierge service is a hidden gem. They can monitor your flight and notify you of any boarding time changes. They will also help you make flight changes, work on getting you on the upgrade or standby list, or book other travel.

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The Star Alliance Lounge offers a contemporary décor environment with inside leather couch and chair seating, a semi-outdoor balcony area with seating that overlooks the impressive atrium area of the Tom Bradley Terminal, and a sophisticated outdoor patio area overlooking part of the tarmac and offers a water feature, outdoor gas fire pits, and its own bar. You’ll find plenty of electrical outlets to charge your portable electronic devices and the Wi-Fi is plenty good and easy to connect to.

The Star Alliance Lounge at LAX deserves a solid 4 ½ / 5 stars or a nice A rating Click To Tweet

The facilities are really nice and there is even a clean showers available to freshen up after a long international travel journey. The Star Alliance Lounge offers a wonderful spread of food options with vegetarian and paleo options, ranging from salads, warm entrees, and even a Pho Soup bar. There is also a full service and self-service bar that offers sodas, juices, champagne, wines, beer (nice selection of domestic and imported), and premium liqueurs.

Star Alliance Lounge, LAX, Tom Bradley Terminal                 Star Alliance Lounge, Atrium Bar

The Star Alliance Lounge is a top quality lounge that is very comparable to the best out there and may even top the Amex Centurion Lounges which we are a big fan of as well. The staff was very friendly and helpful which is unusual for LAX in general. You’ll definitely experience that the Star Alliance wants to build its brand with international travels and provide that VIP experience for those that gain elite status or purchase Business Class or First Class tickets at a premium. It’s an ongoing trend to see airline partner alliances and other third party organizations, like Amex Centurion and Priority Club, start offering a higher level of service than that of the major USA carriers. Many of the international airlines are either creating high quality lounges or are taking advantage of their alliance partnership lounges for their clients.


The Star Alliance Lounge at LAX deserves a solid 4 ½ out of five stars or a nice A rating. Although LAX is not the easiest to get around its worth the experience if you can take advantage of the Star Alliance Lounge and get the VIP travel experience!


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