Grow as a family and develop a worldly view and learn compassion!

Family travel is so much fun and the best way to grow together as a family. Relaxation, in beautiful locations, builds lasting memories and provides a lot of family fun. What if you could take it to a new level? Time spent with family a week or two away from the daily grind and distractions rejuvenates the soul.

What better time as a family than when you are away from normal day to day distractions to come together and learn the true meaning of compassion? There is no greater sense of joy you can receive than when you give to those in need. The joy and love given to you by those who you serve will fill your hearts forever!

Orphanage Give Back

We want to encourage you, as a family, to take a few hours out of your vacation to go and give back to those in need in the location you are enjoying. In almost every location where, especially those beautiful exotic locations, there is another side of the story. As we enjoy the beaches and great accommodations, there are those that live in poverty and only survive on the existence of tourism. Then there are those who don’t even benefit from the tourism trade. Orphanages, local clinics, and local schools in many locations suffer from poverty and get very little back from their local governments.

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It is so easy, when traveling abroad, to coordinate a head of time with a local group in need. It can be as simple of bringing an additional bag full of school or medical supplies. A hundred dollars, which you can easily spend, going out to dinner or experiencing a local attraction, of supplies can provide a month or more of necessity for a local orphanage or clinic. Even if you can’t bring anything to those in need, just going to visit and spend some time will give you and them an amazing experience.

What greater gift can you give to yourself and your children than teaching them to say “Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your beautiful country” and what it means to care for other people that have so much less than we do. You will be amazed what memory, and possibly a family tradition, your family will receive by taking just a few hours out of your vacation to go and visit an orphanage, clinic, or local school. Our children take for granted how blessed we are to have so much, to have such a great education, and to be able to get medical help at anytime.

Bringing Supplies

When children meet other children on a trip to a foreign country they don’t see different colors, care about a language difference, or whether they have shoes or not. They just see another friend and understand the same language of playtime and laughter. Enter an orphanage and you’ll have children full of smiles clinging to you so happy to see visitors that are bringing a message of hope and love.

When you return from your trip you’ll see a huge change in your family’s heart and view of the world. Children become transformed and full of compassion, going against the grain of our society that offers entitlement, indifference, putting myself first. – Bring Learn Grow