Latam VIP Priority Pass Lounge at MIA Terminal J Review

Latam VIP Lounge MIA

The Latam VIP and Priority Pass Lounge in terminal J at MIA, Miami International Airport, is one of only two options available in this international terminal. Located just a few gates down from the north end security checkpoint. The other lounge option is the Avianca Lounge, which is also part of the Priority Pass lounge access program. The Avianca Lounge is accessible through the Star Alliance Gold and Diamond Member or a Business / First Class ticket on a Star Alliance partnered airline. The Latam is accessible with an invite from a member airline and with Priority Pass membership.

Latam VIP Lounge Terminal J MIA Latam VIP Lounge Prioity Pass Access

As a frequent airline traveler, especially on connecting flights, I have grown to truly appreciate the use of the airport lounges hosted by several of the major airlines or their alliance partners. During a layover or a delay it’s really nice to have a place where you can go without all the busyness and noise of a crowded terminal. There is a sense of relaxation when you have a nice comfortable chair to sit in, high speed Wi-Fi, a place to recharge your electronic devices (phones, tablets, and laptops), free drinks, free food, magazines and newspapers to read. Don’t forget how it is the nice to have a clean restroom too! For family travel many lounges also tote a kids’ room or a play area.

The best part of taking advantage of an airport member lounge is it just gives you that VIP feel and experience. You’ve paid a lot to travel so you deserve to enjoy it or at least make it more pleasurable. I’ve been in some really nice lounges at one airport, just to be disappointed in the same lounge brand in another airport. Overall I’ll tend to choose visiting an airport member’s lounge, with all the amenities, over sitting at the gate in a rock hard and uncomfortable chair. You can check out more airport lounge reviews Lounge Reviews.

During a layover, with Swiss Air heading to Madrid, at MIA we went and checked out both lounges. We would normally go over to the nearest American Airlines’ Admirals Club lounge, which I have access to because of my Citi Executive AAdvantage card or my favorite option the American Express Centurion Lounge, which is located in Terminal D. Since I was in MIA terminal J where there is no Admirals Club Lounge and gong between terminals to go to the Centurion Lounge was too far of an option.

Even if you don’t have elite status on any airlines getting into various lounges, especially internationally, is easy if you are an American Express card user because you get a free Priority Pass membership. Priority Pass has access to a lot of lounges worldwide. Priority Pass allows you to have one guest for free. Other guests, including children will cost anywhere from $20 to $40 a person.

Like most airport lounges you first gain access by a concierge that checks your status to gain entrance. Nothing special there but the people were very friendly and helpful. My real first impression happened when I walked into the main lounge area. It was very contemporary and well laid out. I liked the change of pace and the decor. The Avianca Lounge was crowded and loud, especially because there was a World Cup game on the TVs. But as with any lounge the crowd comes and goes over time as people leave to catch their flights. The Avianca Lounge is just average but still a better choice than sitting at the gate. The Latam Lounge is a step up and a bit nicer. It is larger and not as crowded because of the tighter restriction getting in.

Latam VIP Priority Pass Lounge MIA

My family and I had no problem getting nice seats. The lounge offers free top shelf drinks, unlike at other lounges where they offer some sort of generic house brand free and charge you for anything mid-shelf and above. The lounge is self service food, drinks, and treats. The food is small taster size portions but was overall good quality and tasty. I eat a strict Keto diet and I was still able to find food to eat. Being a little disappointed that there was only two lounge options in such a large international terminal having access to the Latam Lounge was still a good option. Very clean and friendly staff made it a great place for a long wait. I would recommend going to this lounge if you have a Priority Pass membership or get an invite by a partner airline. Definitely better than sitting at a loud and uncomfortable gate!


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