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Bring Learn Grow was created by founders Joe & Gina Wargo with the purpose in mind to encouraging family travel that cultivates growth, adventure, and compassion,while giving children a worldly view experiencing culture and leaning to give. The goal is to to teach how to travel safely and effortlessly, where to travel by providing some great location ideas and reviews, why travel brings families closer together and benefits the lives of children, and adding a unique opportunity to get families to take time out on their vacations to go a serve those in need.

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Travel is one of the greatest things a family can do. Yet it is amazing on how many parents will leave their children behind when taking vacations abroad. Many times they feel it’s too expensive, too dangerous, or just too difficult. Bring Learn Grow wants to help teach family how to travel together making it easy, fun, and safe!

There are so many benefits to both parents and children that spend time traveling. Bring Learn Grow wants to educate families on the benefits of travel while getting them excited for their vacations. Traveling together brings shared lifelong memories bring families closer together. Families that travel together experience a special bond and engage in deeper conversations allowing family members to learn more about each other. Families that travel abroad together grow closer together as a family. It creates a unique time for families to talk and experience something new by breaking the cycle of routine and distractions we have in our daily lives at home.

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One of the greatest benefits of family travel abroad is the life gifts that the children receive. Family travel enhances a child’s life by expanding their view and understanding of the world and other cultures. It exposes them to new experiences and teaches them more about the world we live in. Exposing children to another culture and country provides them with some comparisons to the world back home in which they live. Often giving them a sense of appreciation while also creating open mind and compassion for others and a global understanding.

Children that experience world travel become well rounded and get to experience things outside their routine lives at home. They learn more about geography, cultures, different languages, and get to learn how other people in the world live. It can create new interests and teach them things they can’t learn in a classroom or a book. Travel breaks kids away from the use of electronics and video games and allows them to interact with interesting people from all around the world.

What better time as a family than when you are away from normal day to day distractions to come together and learn the true meaning of compassion? There is no greater sense of joy you can receive than when you give to those in need. The joy and love given to you by those who you serve will fill your hearts forever. To allow the family to experience the gift compassion by giving back and serving together, going against the grain of our society that offers entitlement, indifference, putting myself first attitude.

In almost every location where, especially those beautiful exotic locations, there is another side of the story. As we enjoy the beaches and great accommodations, there are those that live in poverty and only survive on the existence of tourism. Then there are those who don’t even benefit from the tourism trade. Orphanages, local clinics, and local schools in many locations suffer from poverty and get very little back from their local governments.

Utila, family travel, family diving, family mission trip
What greater gift can you give to yourself and your children than teaching them to say “Thank you for allowing us to enjoy your beautiful country” and what it means to care for other people that have so much less than we do. You will be amazed what memory, and possibly a family tradition, your family will receive by taking just a few hours out of your vacation to go and visit an orphanage, clinic, or local school.
When you return from your trip you’ll see a huge change in your family’s heart and view of the world. – Bring Learn Grow

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