Bring the whole family and grow closer!

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Travel is one of the greatest things a family can do. Traveling together brings shared lifelong memories bring families closer together. Families that travel together experience a special bond and engage in deeper conversations allowing family members to learn more about each other.

Family travel also enhances a child’s life by expanding their view and understanding of the world and other cultures. It exposes them to new experiences and teaches them more about the world we live in.

Children that experience world travel become well rounded and get to experience things outside their routine lives at home. They learn more about geography, cultures, different languages, and get to learn how other people in the world live. It can create new interests and teach them things they can’t learn in a classroom or a book. Travel breaks kids away from the use of electronics and video games and allows them to interact with interesting people from all around the world.

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Bringing your family on vacation sounds easy but it is amazing how many don’t do it. In today’s culture it is more common to have couples leave their children with grandparents or other relatives while they head out on vacation. There are several reasons couples take vacations and decide to leave their children behind. Many of these reasons end up being myths.

Some family travel myths are traveling with children is difficult, expensive, and stressful. The reality is that traveling, as a family with children, can be stress free and easy once you learn how. There are actually a lot of benefits during travel you can take advantage of that make travel more enjoyable, like special treatment by the airlines, pre-boarding, access to family lounges, many others.

Another myth is traveling with kids can be dangerous. What if they get ill or hurt while traveling, especially outside the country? The reality is being in a third world country is no more dangerous than traveling in most of the major cities of developed countries. Tourist crime is typically less in third world countries that depend on tourism for their survival. There is typically good medical clinics that go above and beyond to take care of foreign travelers.Roatan, Family vacation, family playing in pool, family travel


Couples sometimes think that taking a vacation alone will give them time to relax and spend some romantic time together. Yet while on vacation they can find themselves more stressed constantly wondering if their children are safe and all right. Added is the stress of knowing that if something were to happen it would take a long time to get back home to them.

Bringing children on family vacations and travel will provide lasting shared memories and enhance your children’s lives beyond any other experience at home you can give them! Travel as a family and grow closer! – Bring Learn Grow