Save Money Plan A Family Ski Vacation in July

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Planning a family ski vacation in July will save you money!

I know it might sound crazy to plan your family ski vacation in July when it’s 100 degrees outside. I get it, we are knee deep in sunshine and popsicles. Why would you take time away from the swimming pool, lake, or river to think about your snow trip? But, if you plan your family ski vacation in July, you will save time and money. I’ll show you how.



When considering location for your family ski vacation you need to decide if you want access to several ski resorts or if one location will do it. We have found that if you are skiing with kids for the first time, it’s ideal to have a few days in ski school and then a few follow up days on green and blue runs in the same resort. If your kids are experienced, moving around might be fun. Many top ski areas offer passes that are good at several ski resorts.



As you know there are several steps involved in planning a family vacation. When planning a ski vacation, you have already decided on step one; What activities do you want to experience? SNOW! Step two, length of the vacation, is usually confined to the kids Christmas break, so that answers that question. So step three is really where you begin; Find that flight!  Start searching costs of airfare daily for about a week. Google Flights is a great search tool to find the best deals. This will give you a good idea of the best rate you might get.  Check out our tips on how to find the best airfare rates. I always compare a few destinations when choosing where to go on a family vacation. For a ski trip you might search Colorado and Utah, but don’t forget to check out the Bavarian Alps or other European countries like France, Switzerland, Austria, or Italy. Comparing prices never hurts and you may find a better deal (more exciting) than you expected. This is why planning no later than July gives you an advantage.

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Also, rental cars most definitely sell out! You usually have the option of using a shuttle or train, but rental cars in peak season are on high demand. Don’t wait or you will not get one! If you are going to just road trip to your destination, then you just need to decide how long you are willing to be in the car and what road conditions might be like in the winter.



Booking your accommodations in July is the most important piece.  While you may not get a better rate for peak season lodging, at least you will have your pick of properties. Nothing is worse than finally deciding to go on a trip and then finding only really dumpy places or super expensive chalets. You have to plan ahead.

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You should also know that if you are searching for reservations on sites like Trip Advisor (which is our favorite) and others like Booking Buddy (which checks all the major discount travel booking providers), (which is really good for hotels in Europe), Travelocity, or Priceline, they usually only have a set number of rooms to offer. So if those sites say unavailable, go directly to the hotel or resort website. If you email the hotel directly and ask about availability you may have better luck.

For a ski trip you might search Colorado and Utah, but don’t forget to check out Bavarian Alps or other European locations Click To Tweet

Don’t forget, for many locations Airbnb and FlipKey might be a better bet. especially if you are wanting to rent a condo or apartment rather than a hotel. When I book travel, especially to a new location, I always compare the prices and accommodation quality between hotel and private rental. Private rentals are often times a better option for families.  Having a kitchen to cook meals in is a huge stress relief and money saver for parents who do not want to eat three meals a day in a restaurant. Having a separate bedroom so you can keep kid friendly bedtime allows Mom and Dad time to relax together after a busy day of snow angels.



Lastly, July is a perfect time to start looking for ski gear. Online you can find deals in last year’s models or even used gear for sale. Kids grow quickly, so used gear is most practical. You don’t feel pressure of time in July, so it’s more relaxed. Most actual ski stores do not put ski gear out on the floor until October, but shopping online is a sure bet. You can also post ISO adds on your local swap groups looking for specific gear.

Along with gear, shopping for discounted lift tickets in July will save you up to 50%.  Many ski resorts offer amazing summer deals on season passes, 4-day bundles, or other early bird packages.  If you know where you are going for your family ski vacation, then start monitoring the deals those ski resorts are offering.  Prices will definitely go up in the Fall.

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If you are worried about planning so far in advance, consider getting travel insurance.  Life does happen, illness or other unexpected emergencies are the primary reason many families choose to purchase travel insurance.

Don’t wait to plan your family ski vacation.  Planning in July offers you the best rates, most choices, and relaxed searching. Plus there is nothing greater than having a great family vacation to look forward to and the excitement it brings!


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